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Reflecting on the End of the Year: Lessons Learned and Memories to Hold Onto

So much has taken place this year! My year started well until around April, April 5th. I lost my 87-year-old mother whom I loved dearly who I took after my strong will, my laughter, my sense of humor, my logical thinking, and my ability to find good in people who didn't deserve my attention. The fighter in me was passed down from her. I miss her so much. I can't tell you all the good news or bad news that has taken place in my life. I then lost my sister in May. I am still trying to grieve my mother when we lost our sister it was five of us now there are only four left. I am not self-diagnosing myself but I know that I suffer from surviving's guilt because I was older than my sister. She was the funny one, she was the bunk bed buddy we shared so much together even our life paths almost followed each other.

You see, the crazy thing about my sister passing away is the idea that I watched her take her last breath. I was there when they tried to resuscitate her. It was almost like I wasn't even there it was almost like I was standing outside myself and I could hear myself tell my sister you have to come back over and over again.

When I looked at the doctor and shook his head my whole world seemed to just change.

My relationship with my family changed it started changing when my mother passed away.

I found myself evolving despite all that was happening around me. I could feel my thoughts changing, my attitude changing. All the things that I thought I wanted in life had changed. I just wanted to live a simple life, I wanted peace and I wanted simple joy.

So I stopped driving myself crazy trying to do it all. Trying to help everyone and I just had to find another way to own my peace and solitude.

I then found something that I didn't realize I had as a gift. Wait I knew I might be gifted but I wasn't sure what it was until several events took place in my life that verified it.

I began to look within, I started paying more attention to my intuition and it was clear as the day, I have certain abilities spiritual abilities, and also that I am an empath. So I started reading everything that was connected to being an empath. s

As an empath, it comes with perks and sometimes it comes with a worried soul so I have to play it safe when I realize the effects it has on me.

Yes, this year has been a blessing and a curse at the same time. There have been some good things that took place for me. My eyes have been opened and I think that is the greatest thing. I will be sharing some more with you later on.

I will leave you with this I am hoping you will discover a greater version of yourself as you mature, grow, and evolve.


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