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Finding You

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

There are many things I love to do one of them is taking pictures. This picture was to show off some of my handcrafted work. My earrings. Like most projects, I start and have issues finishing up. I create with my hands for therapy. I promise you it works.

Lately, I have been having trouble with creating. I have plenty of time on my hands it's just that since I lost my sister on May 28th I really have been struggling. Her death was all of a sudden and out of nowhere. My mother had just passed away on April 5th you see my sister wasn't finished greiving over her. I guess she was grieving so hard that she needed to be there with her. Now they are together looking down on us laughing. I know that I will get better in time but right now I am trying to find myself so that I can move on and enjoy the rest of my time here on Earth.

Remember you are entitled to grief take your time. But when it's time to find you do that and come back to life here. Find the present moment and embrace it.

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