Meet Celeta

 Mother, wife, military veteran, Motivational speaker, Life coach, entrepreneur , author, and instructor.

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Where you may be rejected one place, you will be selected in another place.

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McCall’s military veteran status gives her the opportunity to share her experience with others particularly speaking with women veterans who have survived Military Sexual Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. McCall’s You Can’t clip my Wings series was born out of her surviving military sexual trauma while serving in Panama. Celeta McCall has self-published several books and the video series Video Couch which is the platform to address everyday issues that come with growing and evolving into the person you can be.

Celeta McCall's outspoken ability to communicate, network and encourage others led to creating, producing, and hosting various radio shows on both terrestrial and online. Celeta McCall is the CEO of Universal Collective Network radio and TV. McCall’s expertise in radio has her holding positions as the chairperson of Supreme Media Group, LLC., vice-president of M& M Communications, the founder of Hugs around the Heart non-profit.  

McCall has facilitated and participated in several political forums and debates for local elections and produced campaign ads for local candidates. McCall's vast knowledge and expertise in media and communication put her in a league of her own.

Celeta McCall for five years was the first black female to hold the office of Vice-Commander of American Legion Post 50 Camp Stafford and is a member of the Black Speakers Network. McCall holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Masters in Teacher Leadership from Upper Iowa University.

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