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Its Okay to have a bad day

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

We have to understand that everyday is not going to be filled with sunshine and rainbow with pots of gold at the end. I know that sounds good but its not reality. Reality is one of your children have an accident at school, your husband has a flat tire and he left the keys to your car in the car while he stops by your job to pick up your car without having to come to your office.

Your boss wants to head a ad campaign even though you are already behind on your other projects.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you or your spouse asks for a divorce. Its okay to have a bad day. You have to be able to hold it together until you have a chance to find a place where you can let it all out.

There are many ways that you can definitely get through a bad day without losing it.

Let's explore some things we can do. This is not only for you its for me too. Because I encounter bad days too.

1. Once you get the news stop for a moment gather yourself. Take a deep breath. You need a cool and level head to make the next decision. Unless its an emergency.

2. What would be the logical thing to do first? Do that thing.

3. Once you executed your response to the situation. Ask yourself three questions.

a. What cause the problem?

b. What steps should I take to solve the problem?

c. Who is involved in the problem?

Once you have a grip on what you need to do execute and resolve.

Don't let everyone see you rattled, stay committed to doing what you were doing before you was interrupted unless the circumstances will not allow you to.

4.Don't blame yourself.

5.Take stock of the situation.

6. Use your head and not your heart to handle the situation.

Now this is just the things I would use. Share with us how you would handle a bad day.

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