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How many times have you talked yourself down from the Ledge?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have started it out like that but I think we can talk candid about how we can sometimes feel. Sometimes the sunshine is not bright enough, the fruit is not sweet enough and the people in your life are just there.

Life is a little off balanced and out of whack. Your timing is off, you are irritable about everything and you are in pain from stress. You wonder why are you feeling this way and how can you get out of it. It doesn't go away in a couple of hours it hangs around for days. Nothing you try is working you even take your medicine and still have this feeling of stepping on the ledge feeling the cement or dirt under your feet. Everyone in your life is just walking by not noticing you sobbing. You lean forward and you are about to spread your arms out and all you want to feel is relief. But then right at the moment you feel a strong jerk as you are pulled back from the ledge. How dare you leave us here with all this mess. You have to help us make things better for not only you but others. You have a real purpose and you have to live it. No matter what and how you feel. We need you we want you here. You have a story to tell and we don't want to hear it from anyone else we need you to tell it.

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