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Introduction of Me ( Know your calling)

There is a time in all our lives that we realize the universe and God has gifted us with a calling on our lives. Whether we recognize that calling or not. It is your calling and until you figure it out you will feel lost, you will find yourself wandering around trying all kinds of different things.When all you have to do is meditate and reflect. Through this process when you began to listen to YOU you will know what it is that your were called to do.

When I was little I used to love playing school, I would be the teachers and my dolls were the students. I knew then that I wanted to become a teacher.

Then fast forward to today over forty years later I have my masters in Teacher Leadership. But through out my career I was always training and educating soldiers, employees, church members, and others. The roles that I took were always teaching roles that is when I realize that my calling came around in full circle.

I didn't stop there, prior to pursuing my masters I received my bachelor in Business Administration. As a entrepreneur and small business owner I felt this would help me improve my skills in business.

When I started selling items from yard sales at flea markets, a small store, selling online, and to creating my own products I knew that some how I was fulfilling my dreams.

Did I meditate, did I listen to my spirit, did I reflect? I can yes I did all of those things. The only thing was that I was not sure, I was scared, I had doubt that every new venture that I would fail. So that kept me from living my life to the fullest to turn my businesses into their own empires.

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