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After the Storm

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

The other night it rained, I heard thundering and I could see the lightning through my curtains. The house rocked from the roaring sound of the thunder. My dog was so afraid he jumped in my bed shaking. The lights went out probably four or five times. The rain came down in sheets I listened to as it danced on the roof. But I wasn't afraid.

When were little I remember my mom would always make all of us climb in the bed with her during a storm we couldn't do anything we had to stay still until it was over. We couldn't understand why. We never questioned it but we found out later that my grandmother used to do the same to my mom and her siblings. We couldn't talk on the phone, the lights were turned off. Anything that resembled a movement was not allowed until the storm was over.

Well, I said that to say this even in the midst of the storm we never stop feeling or thinking no matter what was going on in our little worlds we were still very aware of it. I am not like that anymore as a grown woman there is no need to be afraid of nature's work its a cycle that has to take place in order for the trees the grass and every creature that relies on nature to survive including humans.

The storm to me, represents a time of action no matter what it is. The aftermath sometimes is beautiful, and sometimes it's ugly. But it doesn't last forever.

After the storm, we have to pick up the pieces of the down trees, the lawn chairs, the flower pots, the inflatable pools. We have to sweep the debris and the trash from the overturned trash cans. There are also times when there is no physical damage at all.

After the storm emotionally we should be rejuvenated, grateful, and looking forward to being able to live through another one.

You have to be willing to change with it. No matter what you have been through you did something YOU SURVIVED!!

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