Consistency and Discipline goes hand in hand

You know I love to try and be honest about a lot of subject matters I write about here. This is nothing different. I try to ask myself why do I have so much trouble with being consistent. It is just one of the many things I battle with myself. So why is it so hard to be consistent?

Maybe if I was more disciplined it would work for me, but I even have a problem with that. I wonder if this has anything to do with the decisions I make? Okay, I am supposed to be able to motivate my readers. How can I inspire anyone if I can't look in the mirror at myself?

I need to get myself together I am not trying to be perfect but I at least need to show you something and be an example. Sometimes my mirror is cracked and I can't see where I am not revealing the real me. So I need to throw that mirror away and get a new one.

What am I consistent with within my life?

I am pausing and thinking because I believe that I can't think of anything. Oh, I get up every day and I think about what I am going to do. But don't go through with it. I find myself being concerned about things that are probably trivial. I find myself always making sure my opinion is heard. I am consistent in allowing situations to stop me from moving further ahead in my endeavors.

I am consistent in saying over and over again I can't wait to leave to move on with my life. Even though I really don't have everything planned out.

I am consistent in doubting my abilities and having a constant feeling of emptiness. I am consistent in trying to be relevant to myself as well as the people in my circle.

My issues with consistency and discipline can stop my growth. I do understand that only I can fix that and that in order for me to be an inspiration to you, I have to work harder on myself. I already feel a little better by actually writing this. I need to find solutions to my issues and make

sure it works for me. I need to continue to be able to confront myself and handle my shortcomings without beating myself up for them. I am asking you to do the same. Take that mirror and look directly into it and tell yourself despite how I feel I have to stay consistent and disciplined.

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