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Welcome to You can't clip my wings

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

We are all about motivation, inspiration, and elevation.

Hello, my name is Celeta I am the founder of You can't clip my wings. This website was born out of my way of finding peace after a very tragic event took place during my tour in Panama. It changed my life and now that I have stopped blaming myself. I realized that I can fly I can do anything without feeling as though I do not possess the power to move on with life and live it to the fullest. You Can't clip my wings is my way of sharing my story of overcoming my setbacks and to no longer feel held captive mentally and emotionally by that one event.


It's important to know when you are happy and you need to know that your happiness is a priority no matter what. You need to understand that you are responsible for your own happiness.

The Path to Success

Your path to success starts with you recognizing who you are and how you decide to live your life. Your path to your success will give you endless opportunities to create your way. We are here to asist you.

Health & Life Balance

We offer you various excercise and sport apparel that will aid in your journey to a healthy you. We give you a variety of ways you will find balance in your busy life. We will share with you meditation techniques that will help you to stay in present. To give you a better outlook on your life going forward.

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