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Why do you want to be a motivational Speaker?

A question that I was asked at the time I didn't really know how to answer it. But after I had time to think I realize that this was not a hard question.

I love helping people, I love the idea that something I said resonated enough that someone made a change in their lives.

You wouldn't believe if I told you when I was young, I wouldn't talk a lot. Why because at the time my tonsils were enlarged I kept swollen glands and severe earaches. When I did speak I spoke with a heavy tongue and I would get made fun of. So I decided to keep from being made fun of, I stopped talking. I would only talk around my family.

Finally my mother had my tonsils removed and I was in hog heaven. I have been talking ever since.

Because of this little road block in my life, it gave me an ultimate freedom to never shut up! I had to show the kids that I can now talk like them. That my conversation was clear and concise they could now understand me.

Why not be a motivational speaker my story is long and full of lessons learned and my passion to speak and motivate continues to flourish.

Motivating others to overcome any obstacles is definitely what I love speaking about.

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