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Okay I need my coffee and time

We all need something to get the day started or something to get us motivated. I know its important that I get my morning boost. Along with a cup of coffee I need my meditation to get me moving. I understand how important it is to have a morning ritual. The steps that I take to get my day moving isn't always in the same order but they still work all the same. The end result is to feel good and start to move around and complete that to do list. Its not important to get everything on your to-do list done in one day unless you have mapped out your path to complete those tasks. TAKE YOUR TIME especially if you become overwhelmed. Take it slow block out your time to complete your task. Now because I have so much going on, I have no other choice than to write it down because I wouldn't remember to do it. I also find myself constantly going back and looking at what I need to do. Because I will really forget!

When you break each task into blocks, that take the pressure off you when you complete that task in that time frame.

For instance, I had to write blogs for two websites this being one of them. So I blocked time out to make sure I wrote the blogs and then shared them. When I complete this task I will have my blogs already taken care of. I now will work on my next block of time. I find this so fun! And I am not overwhelmed. I advise you to try this too.

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