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I need you to....

I need you to first breathe take a deep breath inhale and then exhale. I need you to remove all negative thoughts about yourself, and your situation just for a moment from your mind. I need you to look deep within harness your feelings of love, harmony and balance. I need you to believe in yourself. I need you to spend time working on your emotions, your perceptions, your imperfections, and shortcomings, not necessarily to correct them but to embrace them. I need you to make this a normal routine while you are searching to find 'YOU' again. I need you to get up everyday, I need you to look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you. I need you to identify the things about you that makes you unique. I need you to let light in your space it is said that sunshine and light lifts the spirit. I need you to concentrate on getting better, feeling better and being better at loving you. Its important that you realize you can't love anyone if you first don't know how to love yourself. I need you to stop loving and living for everyone else and start loving and living for you. I need you to demand from your inner self, love, appreciation, gratefulness and peacefulness. I need you to see what your greatest potential is or can be.

I need you to yell out ' I LOVE ME SOME ME!'

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