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I don't feel like it..

How many of us, say this on a daily basis?

You don't feel like it, you don't want to do it. Well, can I tell you something? Its alright to say this because in reality. There may be many reasons why you feel this way. Don't beat your self up about it. You may need time to recover nothing in specific but just to get your barrens back. The people in your life may need to understand that you just don't feel like arguing, making a decision, smiling, crying, playing, socializing, caring, giving, and receiving just for a moment. Sometimes just feeling numb for a moment can help you regain your balance within you.

Most of us, suffer from some type of depressive mood not all the time but there are times that even the most positive upbeat person has a moment of I don't feel like it. We have to embrace that part of us too on this journey of finding you. We need to start making everything about us our normal. Stop always compartmentalizing every aspect of ourselves. We need to have a sense of normalcy for us. Not for everyone else but for our own make it normal to say I don't feel like it without feeling guilty. We need to make it OUR normal to don't feel like it just for a moment.

Its needs to be a normal for us because it allows us to accept us. We have a problem with accepting everything about us both physical and mental.

How do we start to accept our normal is first we have to identify the real you. Its so important to look within ourselves and I promise you can find yourself. Stop blocking things that may in the long run help us find our self-worth again.

So if you don't feel like washing the dishes, washing the clothes, talking to your neighbor or you spouse just for a moment embrace it and just for a moment don't.

This is about YOU not them but you. Make things about you NORMAL for you. It doesn't have to be something everyone else expects of you.

Say it out loud 'I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!'

You can't clip my wings

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1 Comment

Linda D. Wattley
Linda D. Wattley
May 27, 2020

I can really relate to this message. "I don't feel like it" should not always be seen as a negative. But people tend to see it that way because usually it ties in to reaching goals that call for action like working out getting in shape, finishing a book etc. But it do comes a time when feeling that way is very positive. It is a time to regroup and accept for this moment it is to the betterment of myself and others that I take these feelings and isolate to see what's up with myself or just plain be with myself.

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