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In the time of this COVID -19 chaos we are locked in with our loved ones and there is a lot of time for us to talk and probably clear the air about a lot of things. We definitely have to be careful when you confess and what you confess about. Well, I would like to do some confessing and I hope you as my readers understand that there is a lot that I won't be able to explain now but will maybe later. Okay back to my confession, I confess that I have been neglecting my blogs because of life changing events which forced me to step back a little and do some reevaluation of ME.

We always have to prepare ourselves for changes that may take place at the most inconvenient times to us. But to your journey in finding you it may be the most appropriate time for you. I am not sad as I confess this to you, I am at a point where the events in my life has given me the opportunity to see things a little different. If I hadn't prepared myself for this I then probably wouldn't continue writing my blogs and helping others.

You Can't Clip my Wings

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