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I come with a warning label

It's good to make sure you are not ashamed of yourself, you feel confident enough to be able to say to anyone I am not perfect have some dents and scratches, I have some scars internal and external. I do get angry at times when I shouldn't , I cry about the silliest things. I raised my voice when I feel like someone is not hearing me. I sometimes just want to be alone so I will shut down.

Why is this important? Because so many of us do not like to look in the mirror see and recognize our flaws we like to live in a world of pretend until we can no longer hide our real self. When we are on the journey of renewing our self-worth we have to own up to our real selves we can almost become vulnerable. In our discovery of having a label warning can be beneficial, because people can embrace you as you and not have any preconceived notion about you. Your warning label doesn't have to be something people would have to run from they just need to be aware of who you truly are.

You Can't Clip my Wings

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