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How to control your anger

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

First of all we need to understand our anger. We do know that being angry is healthy right?

Its an emotion it explains a message letting you know that something is not right and you need to express it. Your sudden reaction is to lash out. What if you could had a way of taking the edge of your anger? We want to talk about how to control your anger according to there are 8 tips that can be used: Tip 1 Explore what's really what behind your anger Tip 2 Be aware of your anger warning signs Tip 3 Identify your triggers Tip 4 Learn ways cool down quickly Tip 5 Find healthier way to express your anger Tip 6 Stay calm by taking care of yourself Tip 7 Use humor to relieve tension and Tip 8 Recognize if you need professional help.

This information really can help you at least start to gather your thoughts and put your anger in perspective understand why you are angry and seek professional help if there more going on here than what is on the surface.

We do know that anger can effect our health both mental and physical in many ways. We have to really pay attention to how we may go from 0-100 because we are so out of control and some of us don't even know why.

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