We are sitting in the middle of the chaos

Here we are again, sitting in the middle of all this chaos. We are wondering what direction to move in. I know if you are not feeling this way I sure am. So many things have changed for me.

I lost a niece a friend since this year came into existence. I am trying so hard to find common ground it's as though it is slipping from under me. Every move I make I have to calculate and analyze. Because I want my outcomes to be a winner. I hope I am not depressing you guys. That is not my intention. I would love for things to get better not necessarily to return to the way things were before pandemic # 2. I think that some of us are able to adjust to our new normal and also think some of us

having a hard time.

Being right in the middle of the chaos really measures our endurance and perseverance we have been able to make it through another day. I think it is a good idea to take one day at a time like a lot of us are doing. This chaos I don't see it will last forever this too shall pass.

Being able to wake up another morning smile at the sunshine and prepare yourself for another moment, minute, hour, and a day of sitting in the middle of the chaos.

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