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Ok, I did want to move forward on that situation but..

Do you ever find yourself working on a project then change your mind? I think that is how sometimes with our goals we do this its a really well thought out goal and it would make your overall journey complete but it's just something missing from it and you can't seem to figure out what could that one piece be.

Can I suggest something if there is a need for a 'but' make it a point where you can return to that certain situation or goal and give it an answer or complete it when possible. Its nothing wrong with going back to finish what you started. Don't be afraid at all.

I found it much easier to place some things on the back burner and then come back to them. Never allow 'but' to be a form of not wanting to do something such as "I needed to go wash the car today but already it started raining. You can say. "I needed to wash the car today but it's raining now. I can wait for a better day."

This is how we can look at life there may be a lot of ' buts 'on our journey that can be turned into reaching those goals in spite of the 'buts'.

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