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Inspire, motivate, educate and uplift women of color all of all ages to find their self-worth.


   I have been encouraging, inspiring,  and motivating people through my radio shows, podcasts, in person, one- on- one, and  group for many years.
I  decided to turn all my experience and  knowledge into a rewarding business by joining the coaching industry as a motivational  coach.

@celetab  (Youttube)
yccmw2020 (Instagram)
You Can't Clip my wings (Facebook group)


So You want to be a coach?
This a self-assesment guide that is filled with questions that you should ask yourself.  As you chose joining  the coaching industry.



"I knew if  I called you, you would get me motivated."

 Terro in Sales

Terro Celestine
TSC Decor

"  I love talking to you, its a blessing to have someone like you to always inspire and uplift my spirit."

Regina in Cosmetic

Regina Asmore
Beauty Industry

“Thank you for giving me that vision.  The solutions you gave has been a  big great starting point for me.”

Pamela Staten
Banking & Security

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