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I'm  Celeta McCall  I am a veteran, mother, wife, author, radio talk show host, podcaster, life coach and entrepreneur. My experiences from the positions I held as a soldier, graduate of two business schools, and receiving my bachelor's and masters in between working a insurance clerk, union secretary, union representative, correction officer, drill instructor, officiate,  insurance agent, president of  two organizations and the first Black female Vice commander of American Legion Camp Stafford. I take pride in  knowing that I am inspiration to others. As a life coach, I understand the importance of helping others reach their potential and guide them to their success.  I have found joy in watching evryone  reach their goals. My purpose is to continue to be that light and guide for so many more.

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My Story

           Born in Albany, New York growing up in the Rensalier Projects with four sisters and my mother who would work at the Veterans Hospital at night.  My oldest sister would have to step in and make sure we got to bed at night and got up in the morning and off to school. 

We moved from New York to Saginaw, Michigan, and then to Louisiana where I finished middle school and High school graduated, and became a mother at 19. A year later joined the military. I had to leave my son at eighteen months old and that was so hard to do.  I refused to be a statistic I had planned my life out and having babies without a father was not the answer for me. Prior to my pregnancy, I had already passed my test to join the military.

       My plan was to sign up to join my sister on the buddy system. She went in and I got pregnant so I had to wait awhile. For that short time, I grew to like being a mother at the same time I  was living in housing and receiving government assistance. It was my mother who convinced me to go ahead and go in while leaving my baby boy with her. It was so heartbreaking I became so sad. But I got through basic training and AIT (Advance Individual Training) my first duty station was Aschafenburg, Germany. During my time in the military, I was able to travel the world and visit places like France, Concentration Camp Dauchau, Austria, and Munich.

 I then was shipped back to the states where I was stationed in  Alabama my unit was then deactivated at the same time I was coming up for re-enlistment they offered me Panama and I jumped on it. 

       This is where my life was changed forever you see, I was raped by another soldier and I was threatened that if I told anybody they wouldn't believe me because of who he was. This was the beginning of so much trauma and depression.  

         Over thirty years later, from time to time I can still remember the rape but I don't let it define me. I have learned so much since then. I learned to love myself, trust myself, feel confident in myself, and identify my weaknesses and my strengths. I use all that I have to learn to help others like me to find their power. You Can't  Clip my Wings means that no matter what you can't keep me from flying and becoming the person I deserve to be.

        After my tour in Panama and after Operation Just Cause I was sent to Ft. Campbell, KY where I was shipped off to Desert Storm advance party even though I had just left one conflict. My unit only allowed me to take my son to my mother in Louisiana. I had to let my friend pack up my apartment.  I was under so much stress and I was scared but I was not allowed to show it.  

      I was more afraid this time than I was during Operation Just Cause. This was a different kind of conflict for all of us. We really thought we weren't coming home. There was a  time we lost a very special friend who actually committed suicide while over there.  So my life has been very interesting but I realized that without all of the events that took place, I wouldn't be who I am today. 



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